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Reception facilities of the GDRI

The University of Paris Dauphine, acting on its own and on behalf of the IRISSO (Institute of Interdisciplinary Research in Social Sciences), UMR n° 7170.

Southern Partners

- Algeria, Ministry of higher education and research - CREAD
- Morocco, Centre Jacques Berque UMR CNRS
- Tunisia, Ministry of Scientific Research, of Technology and of the Development of Skills, CERES
- Turkey, University of Galatasaray, Centre of Research and Documentation on Europe.

Northern Partners

• CNRS Laboratories

- University of Auvergne, CERDI, CNRS UMR n° 6587
- University of Orléans, Laboratory of Economics and finance, CNRS UMR n° 6221
- University of Paris Dauphine, IRISSO, CNRS UMR n° 7170
- University of Paris 13, CEPN, CNRS UMR n° 7115

• Reception Laboratory teams

- University of the South Toulon-Var, LEAD - EA
- University of Paris Dauphine, LEDa - EA
- University Paris XI, ADIS - EA
- University of Paris I, IEDES - EA
- University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, CEMAFI - EA
- Centre d'Etudes de l'Emploi / Research Centre on Employment (public administrative establishment under the supervisory Ministries of Employment and of Research).

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